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David j Taylor Full Credit List Fall 2018

*Record Producer/Engineer/Mastering Tech: Western Canadian Music Award (WCMA) "Producer of the Year" 2007 winner, 2008 Nominee with 120+ album credits (Joel Fafard, Despistado, Geoff Berner, Jasmine Whenham, Megan Nash)

*Film/TV: 6 time Gemini Award "Best Overall Sound" nominee, Foley recordist for the 2012 Academy Award Nominated Best Animated Short Film "Wild Life" (NFB), Music Supervisor for all 5 seasons of, Re-recording mixer The Nature of things with David Suzuki "MS Wars", Foley recordist/artist for all 106 episodes of Corner Gas

*Consultant/Educator: Lectured at The University of Saskatchewan, U or Regina, South by Southwest Music Conference, Breakout West, consultant for Yukon Film and Sound Commission, Sask Music, Nimbus Recording School

*Songwriter/Recording Artist: 15 album releases, performed SXSW, Breakout West, headlined Smithers Folk Fest, licensed songs to Degrassi The Next Generation, Kyle XY, Surveillance (Jennifer/David Lynch)


2018 Nominee: Leo Award Best Sound Documentary "Ageless Gardens" (All Audio Post Production)

2015 Nominee: SCMA Roots Album of the Year Jacqueline Hudec "Prairie Girl" (mastering)

2014 Nominee: SCMA Roots Album of the Year Lyn Besse McGinnis "Next Time Around"(producer/engineer/mix/master)

2012 Worked on Academy Award Nominee: Best Animated Short Film "Wild Life" (NFB)

(foley recordist/editor)

2012 WINNER: Rosie Award Best Overall Sound Drama "Wild Life" (foley recordist/editor)

2012 Worked on Golden Sheaf Award WINNER: Best Documentary Science

"The Nature of Things with David Suzuki: MS Wars" (re recording mixer/dialogue editor)

2012 Worked on Genie Award Nominee: Best Animated Short "Wild Life"

(foley recordist/editor)

2011 WINNER: Aboriginal Peoples Choice Award Jacob Pratt "Eagle Calls" (engineer/mix/master)

2011 Worked on Golden Sheaf Award WINNER: Best Documentary Social

"Remote Control War" (re-recording mixer/dialogue editor)

2011 Worked on Banff Rockie Award WINNER: Best Political Documentary

"Remote Control War" (re-recording mixer/dialogue editor)

2010 Nominee: Gemini Award Best Overall Sound Documentary “The Saskatchewan River Delta” (re-recording mixer/dialogue editor/sfx editor)

2009 Nominee: Saskatchewan Showcase Award Best Overall Sound “Landscape as Muse"

(re-recording mixer/dialogue editor)

2008 Nominee: Western Canadian Music Award Producer of the Year

2008 Cannes Film Festival Premier "Surveillance" by Jennifer/David Lynch

(foley, original song placement "Liar Liar")

2007 WINNER: Western Canadian Music Award Producer of the Year

2006 Nominee: Gemini Award Best Overall Sound Dramatic Series " 2" (music supervisor/foley)

2005 Nominee: Gemini Award Best Overall Sound Dramatic Series " 1" (music supervisor/foley)

2004 Worked on International Emmy Award Nominee Best Comedy "Corner Gas"

(foley recordist/artist)

2004 Nominee: Gemini Award Best Overall Sound Dramatic "The Englishman's Boy"

(foley recordist/artist)

2003 Nominee: Western Canadian Music Award Album of the Year Sylvie "I wish I was Driving” (producer/engineer)

2003 Nominee: Gemini Award Best Overall Sound Dramatic "Prairie Giant"

(foley recordist/artist)

2002 Nominee: Gemini Award Best Overall Sound Dramatic "Betrayed" (foley recordist/artist)


2011 Factor Demo Recording Grant

2011 Factor Travel Assistance Grant - South by Southwest Austin Texas

2010 Saskatchewan Arts Board Travel Assistance/Professional Development Grant

2008 Factor Travel Assistance Grant - South by Southwest Austin Texas

2006 Rawlco Radio 10K20 Recording Grant David j Taylor

2006 Rawlco Radio 10K20 Recording Grant

(3 time recipient as record producer various projects)

2004 Saskatchewan Arts Board Independent Artists Program Grant (established artist)

2002-2005 SaskMusic Recording Grant

(7 time recipient as record producer various projects)

1999 Factor Demo Recording Grant


P (Producer) E (Engineer) M (Mixer) ME (Mastering Engineer) A (Arranger) SW (Songwriter) MU (Musician: Gtr, Keys, Bass, Vox or Percussion)

2018 Jim and Jo "EP" (P/E/M/ME/MU)

2018 Lyn Besse McGinnis "A Simple Life" (ME)

2018 Ashley Hautala "Iona's Song" single (P/E/M/ME/MU)

2017 Georgia Fats "Five On The Floor" (M/ME)

2017 Megan Nash w/ Bears in Hazenmore "Wait" single (ME)

2017 Ashley Hautala "Hope For Love" (P/E/M/ME/MU)

2017 The Burning World "This Must Be Life" (M/ME/MU)

2016 Sinmobile (forthcoming LP) (ME)
2016 Megan Nash "Lampshade Single" (ME/MU)
2016 Joel Fafard "Fowl Mood" double album (P/E/M)

2016 Ava Wild "Bare" (ME)

2016 Jim Bennett "25 Years and 6 Days" (P/E/M/MU/ME)

2016 Gord Birtch "SoftSkin" (M/ME)

2015 Glenn Sutter "Let The Dog Run" (M/ME)

2015 Megan Nash "Song Harvest Volume One" (ME)

2015 Robin Atchison "The Heart" (P/E/M/MU/ME)

2015 Simon Paradis "Mouthful of Stars" (M)

2015 Toni Vere "7 days" (P/E/M/ME)

2014 Minimusrex "Howe Sound" (ME)

2014 Stanton Paradis "Good road home" (E/M/MU)

2014 Grain Report "Ploughshare" (ME)

2014 Jacqueline Hudec "Prairie Girl" (ME)

2014 Toni Vere "Unrest" (M/ME)

2013 Lyn Besse McGinnis "Next time around" (P/E/M/MU/ME)

2013 Megan Nash "She Said, She Said" Single (ME)

2013 Grain Report "Santa is a hippie" Single (ME)

2013 Glenn Sutter "Game on" Single (ME)

2013 Panda Corn "Mother's daughter" Single (ME)

2012 Speed Control "F.A.B." (P/M/ME)

2012 Fur Eel "EP" P/E/M/ME

2012 Shantaia Poulin "CKRM EP" (E/M/MU/A/ME)

2012 Morgan Mayer "Love, Learn, Repeat" (P/E/M/MU/A)

2012 David j Taylor "Live at The Galleria" (for CBC Radio) (SW/M)

2012 Keith Bomphray “Self titled” (E/M)

2012 School + Little Miss Higgins "Benefit for Nokomis School" (ME)

2011 Megan Nash Tough Love” (P/E/M/MU)

2011 Meghan Bowman “I don't want your Roses” (P/E/M/MU)

2011 Glenn Sutter “Sweet Happiness” (P/E/M/MU)

2011 Semko Fontaine Taylor "Live at Regina Beach" (CBC Radio) (SW/MU)

2011 Bill Land "About You" (P/E/M/MU/ME)

2011 David Taylor “Goodbye Hazel” (P/E/M/SW/MU)

2010 Semko Fontaine Taylor “Heartaches and Numbers” (P/E/M/SW)

2010 Jacob Pratt “Eagle Call” (E/M)

2010 Kim Fontaine “Blue Sky Girl” (P/E/M/SW/MU/A)

2010 Chloe Berg “You'll Never Know” (P/E/M/ME/MU)

2010 Roxie Lenton “EP” (E/M)

2010 Clint Ramsden “The Man from Turtle Mtn” (P/E/M/MU)

2010 Meghan Bowman “All the wrong places” (P/E/M/MU)

2010 Kerri Senkow “EP” (P/E/Mr/MU)

2010 Seeds “Live at the Royal Sask” (ME)

2009 CBC “Off-the-floor” Series: Amy Nelson EP (P)

2009 Rory Allen “If She Only Knew” (E/M/MU)

2009 CBC “Off-the-floor” Series: Terri-Anne Strongarm EP (P)

2009 Jasmine Whenham “Bandaids” (E/M)

2009 CBC “Off-the-floor” Series: The Hoolies EP (P)

2009 Justin Sheppard "EP" (E/M)

2009 CBC “Off-the-floor” Series: Meghan Bowman EP (P)

2008 Big Nothing “EP” (P/E/M)

2008 Teri Bear “EP” (P/E/M/MU/ME/A)

2008 Jon Dehm “The Jon Dehm EP” (P/E/M)

2008 Lyn McGinnis “All over the Map” (P/E/M)

2008 Glenn Sutter “All you Need” (P/E/M/MU)

2008 Ultimate Power Duo “New Normal” (P/E/M)

2008 Ray Whitton “Love you off your feet” (P/E/M/MU)

2008 The Rebellion “Time” (P/E)

2008 Jay Semko "Live at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum" (MU)

2008 Smokekiller “13” (P/E)

2008 Julia McDougall “Live at the Exchange” (E/M/ME)

2007 Lyn McGinnis “Cardinal in the Window” (P/E/M/MU)

2007 Stone Grove “EP” (P/E/M/ME)

2006 Kim Fontaine “Life Happens” (P/E/M/SW/A/MU)

2006 Chesterfield Rock “CFR” (P/E/M/AR)

2006 Morgan Mayer “If I ruled the World” (P/E/M/MU/SW/A)

2006 Anatta “Like a hand on an Elephant” (P/E)

2006 Ultimate Power Duo “We’re in Control Now” (P/E/M)

2006 Johnny Hatch “Hot Traxx” (P/E/M/MU)

2006 David j Taylor “Don’t Throw it Away” (P/E/M/SW/MU)

2006 Kim Fontaine “Home” Single (P/E/M/A/MU)

2006 Mentally Ill “Mentally Ill” (E/M/P)

2006 Julia Ann McDougall “The Sparrow” (P/E/M)

2005 Nealon Green / Quinton “Li’l Hommie” (P/E/M)

2005 Morgan Mayer “A little of This” (P/E/M/SW/A/MU)

2005 Chesterfield Rock “Without Wax” (P/E/M/A)

2005 Surface “These Battles Foreshadow” (P/E)

2005 David j Taylor “This Town” (E/SW/MU)

2005 Ricasso “Suck it Up” (P/E)

2004 Rob D. “Bass EP”, (P/E/M)

2004 Kim Fontaine “Morning Pages” (P/E/M/MU)

2004 David Taylor “Taylor Made” (P/E/M/SW/MU/ME)

2003 The Fates “til we have Faces” (P/E/MU)

2003 Divine Chaos “On the edge of this goodbye” (Pr/E)

2003 Fight the Monster “Meat Hotel” (P/E/M)

2003 November Samurai “Navigation to Nowhere” (P/E)

2003 Despistado “The Emergency Response” (P/E/M)

2003 Dave Taylor “My aren’t you Pretty” (P/E/M/SW/MU/ME)

2003 Andrew Yates “Andrew Yates” (P/E/M/ME)

2003 Michelle Boudreau “EP” (P/E/M/ME)

2002 Dave Taylor “I’m Still Pretty” (P/E/M/SW/MU/ME)

2002 Dollar Store Mary “Self Titled” (P/E/M/SW/MU/ME)

2002 Jasmine Whenham “8640 Days” (P/E/M

2002 Michelle Boudreau “Little Black Ninja Remix” (P/E/M/ME)

2002 Sylvie “I was I was Driving” (P/E)

2001 Dave Taylor “I’m Pretty” (P/E/M/SW/MU/ME)

2001 Tyler Banadyga “Neither Myth nor Legend” (P/E/M/ME)

2001 Michelle Boudreau “Little Black Ninja” (P/E/M/ME)

2001 Jay Leveque “Jay Leveque” (P/E/M/ME)

2001 Sundial “Sundial” (P/E)

2000/01 Circle92 “Kharma Comes” (P/E/M)

2000/01 Biffy Perdu “Stapled Down Lust” (E)

2000 Malarkey “Malarkey” (P/E/M)

2000 Dollar Store Mary “For your listening Pleasure” (P/E/M/SW/MU/ME)

1999 Big Cookie "You Spin me Right Round Re-Mix" (E/MU)

1999 Geoff Berner “Light Enough To Travel” (P/E/M)

1998 The Hill “Sin City Cabaret” (E)

1998 Big Cookie “Clean” (E/M/SW/MU)

1998 Rosina Marchica “Self Titled EP” (P/E)

1998 Sarah Howard “One way, anywhere” (P/E/M/MU)

1998 The Radio “Mysteries of the Human Mind” (P/E/M)

1997 Big Cookie “Goldenhips” (E/M/SWr/MU)

1997 Lynn Stone “Lynn Stone” (P/E)

1996 Tara Shelly “Rooftops” (P/E/M)

1996 Big Cookie “Log Hop” (P/E/SW/MU)

1995 Green Room “Funk Emergency” (P/E)

1995 Gladyss’ Patches “Tijuana Crack Whore” (P/E)

1995 Big Cookie “Just Baked” (E/SW/MU)

1993 Le Chat a Bessoin “Self Titled” (P/E/M)

1993 Appaloosa “Appaloosa” (E)

1993 Heavy Mellow “Heavy Mellow” (E/M)

1991 Ashes “The Paper-cut” (Assistant Engineer)

1989 Dave Taylor “Graphic Profile” (P/E/M/SW/MU)


Landscape as Muse Season 5 (6 Episodes 291 Film Company), Bugs On The Menu (Dialogue-Described Video 291 Films/CBC), Ageless Gardens (All Audio Post Production 291 Films), Etthen Heldeli "Caribou Eaters" (Described Video 291 Films), Running Against Crime (Cooper Rock), Drug Class Season 2/3 (26 Episodes Cooper Rock), The Saskatchewan River Delta (291 Film Company), The Path to Shaolin (Zoot Pictures), Pow-Wow Thunder (Cree Thunder Ent), Weekend Wonder (Zoot Pictures), Eco Home Adventures (Zoot Pictures), The Bionic Bannock Boys (6 Episodes Cree Thunder), UnTamed Gourmet Season 1/2 (12 Episodes 291 FIlms), Remote Control War (Zoot Pictures), Invisible Threat (4 Square/Al Jazeera), To Make A Farm (Steve Suderman),

The Nature of things with David Suzuki "MS Wars" (Zoot pictures)



Corner Gas Seasons 1-6 (106 Episodes Verite Films/WGN Superstation/CTV), Seasons 1-5 (52 Episodes Verite Films), Moccasin Flats Season 1-3 (27 Episodes APTN), Mentors Season 2-4 (24 Episodes minds eye pictures), Incredible Story Studios Seasons 2-5 (52 Episodes Verite Films), 2030CE Seasons 1-2 (18 Episodes minds eye pictures), My Global Adventure (18 Episodes minds eye pictures), Risk TV (18 Episodes minds eye pictures), MythQuest (24 Episodes minds eye pictures), Prairie Berry Pie (13 Episodes minds eye pictures), Just Cause (22 Episodes minds eye pictures), Little Mosque on the Prairie (2 Episodes FUNdamentalist films), Redemption SK (Lasa)


Prairie Giant “The Tommy Douglas Story” (minds eye pictures), Betrayed, (minds eye pictures), Try to Remember, I'll Be Seeing You, The Cradle Will Fall” (Westwind Pictures / PAX USA), Murder Scene (minds eye pictures), Spliced (Rampage Entertainment), The Stuff That Makes you Lift Cars (RGB Productions), The Recital, (RGB Productions), Shot in the Face (WestWind), The Pedestrian (Cooper Rock/Ambush Films), Youkali Hotel (Westwind Pictures), Six Figures (Seville Pictures, Agritprops Films, CHUM, Movie Central), Don’t Cry Now (DCN Productions), The Englishman’s Boy (minds eye pictures/cbc), Surveillance (Jennifer/David Lynch), The Future is Now, (Burns Films/NFB), Wildlife (National Film Board of Canada), The Truth Below (MTV)

MUSIC SUPERVISOR CREDITS: Seasons 1-5 (52 episodes), numerous television, radio and theatrical ad campaigns (SGI long weekend radio 2009-13, SaskTel, SGI 5.1 theatrical trailer 2012, Sask Roughriders)


Kyle XY (ABC), Degrassi: The Next Generation (CTV), Stoked (Cartoon Network), "Surveillance" (Jennifer Lynch/David Lynch), "Babette's Feet", The Future is Now


Western Canadian Music Awards/Breakout West 2005-2015 Various: record production, how to place songs in film/tv, one-on-one mentoring, moderator online streaming panel, songwriter's workshop, South by Southwest Music Conference 2007 demo critique panel, University of Saskatchewan 2007-2011 songwriting 101, University of Regina 2005 lecturer unconventional performance techniques, University of Saskatchewan's Kenderdine Campus Emma Lake 2006-2011 songwriting retreat with Jay Semko and Kim Fontaine, SaskMusic Consultant/Mentor various 2002-Present: record production, how to place songs in film, live performance critiques, one-on-one mentoring, how to successfully secure funding, acting on-call career consultant, Yukon Film and Sound Commission mentor/consultant how to get the most out of Canadian Music Week and Breakout West 2013-2015, Harris Institute Toronto guest lecturer June 2013, Nimbus Recording School Vancouver guest lecturer 2015/2016, Music Newfoundland Conference 2015 how to live loop and record producer panels, Government of Saskatchewan 2008 Saskatchewan music industry review consultant, Saskatchewan Arts Board 2006 panelist on how to write a successful grant application. 2011 "Rock-and-talk" high school series lectures at various schools in Regina and Moose Jaw. David has also written 2 feature articles for Canadian Musician Magazine and Professional Sound Magazine, both on the role of the record producer in the modern world.


Artist: Semko, Fontaine, Taylor: Album “Heartaches and Numbers”

Artist: Big Cookie: Albums - “Just Baked”, “Log Hop”, “GoldenHips”, “Clean”

Artist: Dollar Store Mary: Albums - “For your listening pleasure”, “Self Titled”

Artist: David j Taylor: Albums - “Graphic Profile”, “I’m Pretty”, “I’m Still Pretty”, “My Aren’t you Pretty”, Taylor Made”, “This Town”, “Don’t throw it away”, "Goodbye Hazel"

Artist: Morgan Mayer: Albums: “If I ruled the World”, “A little of this” co-writer

Artist: Kim Fontaine - “Life Happens”, "Blue Sky Girl" co-writer

Has co-written with: Jen Lane, Cara Luft, Smokekiller, Simon Paradis, Jay Semko, Heather Dore, Ray Whitton, Jasmine Whenham, Lin Elder, Todd Bryanton, Cody Gamracy, Andrea England, Carli and Julie Kennedy, Rob James, Alison MacLean, Chris Ioannou, Bryn Besse, Danielle Knibbe, Bryan Potvin, Melissa Bel, Toni Vere


Living Sky Casino "Live it up" (Jingle), Optics International "Optics International" (Jingle), 2011 Saskatchewan Rough Riders Anthem "Ride on" (Jingle), Wise Rider Bike Safety "Wise Rider" Re-Mix (Jingle), Saskatchewan Communication Network (SCN) 2011 Campaign (Score), Conexus Credit Union "Build" (Score), SaskTel "Connected" (Score), SaskEnergy "Energuide" (Score), Alberta Beef Producers 2009, 2010, 2011 (Score), Corner Gas "Hank Yarbo Guitar Ramblings" (Score), City of Regina Official City "Mnemonic" (Score), Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) "My SGI Mnemonic" (Score)


SCN "The Voice of SCN" 2011, SaskPower/SaskEnergy "Meter Reader", Sask Building Trades "Work with the Pros" Sask Roughriders, Living Dinosaur Project (Scholastics) various character voices


Voice Recordist/Sound Editor/Mixer for numerous radio, television and theatrical commercials.

Clients: SaskTel, Saskatchewan Rough Riders, Walmart, Safeway, SGI, Sask Energy, Sask Liquor and Gaming, Sask Power, Optics International, Village RV, Bennett Dunlop Ford, Farm Canada Credit, Factory Optical, Creative Kids, Tourism Saskatchewan "Here and now" Multi-Artist production featuring: Brad Johner, Little Miss Higgins, Jack Semple and others: Tourism Saskatchewan Installation for 2010 Olympic Games


Juno Awards 2008, 2009, 2012, Western Canadian Music Awards 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, Gemini Awards 2004, 2005, 2012, Canadian Screen Awards 2013, Saskatchewan Arts Board 2012, Factor 2004, 2009, 2011, Music NL 2014, 2015


Freelance Independent Record Producer, Mixer, Engineer, Educator/Consultant, Composer, Mastering Engineer 1989-present

Head Re-Recording Mixer, Engineer, Producer, Dialogue Editor, Music Supervisor, Composer

Twisted Pair Productions Regina SK Nov 2008-2013

Foley Recordist-Artist-Editor, Music Supervisor

Talking Dog Studios Regina SK May 2000-2008

Recording Engineer

Crosstown Studios North Vancouver BC 1999-2000

Assistant Recording Engineer

Greenhouse/Vancouver Recording Studios Burnaby, BC March 1994-1995


Recording Arts Masters: The Institute of Communication Arts (CDIS) Burnaby, BC 1992-1994

Advanced High School Diploma: St. Michael’s University School Victoria, BC 1987-1991

Music Theory: Toronto Conservatory of Music Grade 9 Classical Piano, Grade 3 Theory/History